Hypnosis can help you with the following: 
Stop Smoking~Weight Loss Motivation

Increase Your Productivity~Relaxation~Build Self Esteem
Enhance Sports Ability~Boost Confidence
  Overcome Fears Phobias and learn to meditate
  Conquer Hoarding & Clutter~Stop Stuttering~Speak In Public
Get Motivated and Inspired to Reach Your Goals 
Hypnosis Can Help with these issues and so much more!

These Stars have reported successes with hypnotism and so can you!
Matt Damon, Kevin Costner, Ellen DeGeneres,Samuel Jackson, etc.
all stopped smoking with hypnosis,
Sylvester Stallone &
Ashton Kutcher improved acting skills with hypnosis
Tiger Woods and Jack Nicholas both World Class golfers used hypnosis
Kevin McBride used hypnotism to improve his boxing focus
Martha Stewart used a hypnotist for nightmares
 David Beckham used hypnotism for private reasons and
Jackie Kennedy reportedly saw a hypnotist to overcome her grief. 
Kevin Costner flew a hypnotist to Hawaii to heal sea sickness for a movie
Sophie Dahl a UK model used hypnotism for weight loss
and so many others continue to use hypnosis...
Hypnosis works for athletes, artists, business owners, coaches, corporations, executives, key decision makers, light workers, men, women, children, and ordinary everyday people.

Learn to relax. Let GO..and live your dreams naturally with hypnosis

  Rev. Dr. Karen Saunders, MhypD, CHI

  is consulting hypnotist and metaphysical life coach offering private and group sessions to assist you in stop smoking,
with weight loss motivation,
stress management, release fears and phobias, improve exam and sports performance, personal and business relationships and manifest success in abundance and prosperity.

Certified Hypnosis Instructor with The National Guild of Hypnotists

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DISCLAIMER: We/ I do not practice medicine. Hypnosis is a unique and separate profession as is counseling, psychotherapy and all other mental health professions or services. Hypnosis is an alternative means to self-improvement and personal growth. These processes are non-diagnostic, non-psychological and non-medical. The use of Hypnosis is not intended to be used in the treatment of any human illness, disease, injury or for any other therapeutic purpose. Medical concerns should be addressed with your primary care physician. Note: Those under the care of a physician should not ignore the doctors advice for medical conditions. Consult your physician before making changes in his/her prescribed treatment. Our philosophy is not intended to be a replacement; it is intended as a complementary method to help you accomplish your goals.

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